Ruskola ekoby


The ecovillage, Ruskola is unlike the other ecovillages in many ways; because of its location, its
design, and its founding/establishment. The town of Övertorneå lies 20 km south of the Arctic Circle with a population of circa 2,000. On weekends only one bus a day travels from Luleå, the closest train station, 100 km to the south.

When I arrived on April 24 the landscape was still blanketed in a meter of snow. The climate here is extreme. The growing season is just over three months long. For twenty-five days of that season the sun never sets. In the winter the sun does not rise for
three weeks. Northern Sweden is sparsely populated. The entire municipality of Övertorneå, 2,400 square kilometers, has 6,000 inhabitants.


Sven Qviberg