Suderbyn ekoby

Suderbyn Permaculture Ecovillage was founded in 2008, as a place for individuals to live in line with nature and with permaculture principles. The land was bought cooperatively, and included a farm house and barn, which we still use today, Since then, we have developed the property and it now also hosts a permaculture landscape, garden, compost toilets, caravans and small houses. ​Throughout the years, the community has embraced increasingly higher levels of voluntary simplicity, veganism, communal sharing and cultural diversity. Nowadays, it is a home for around 15-25 international people. We have chosen to dedicate ourselves to the development of an alternative way of living and to experiment with structural and social systems to find those which are most sustainable for us. The size of the community changes a lot throughout the year, as some people visit for only a month or two, and others are volunteers in our European Solidarity Corps or other volunteering projects.

Inlägget är skapat av Föreningen för Byggemenskaper. Är du drivande eller boende i projektet och vill ta över inlägget, mejla**